What's your sign...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

And so it begins...

We got word a while back the townhouse we are renting has been foreclosed on. Meaning? We have to move. The timing isn't bad, though. We are looking to buy our first house. We've had some help; we know an out of state real estate agent who pointed us in a direction to find someone here. Today, I spoke with said person and she has put me in contact with a mortgage broker in our city that is connected with her agency. We will probably also talk to our bank who we have been with FOREVER and seems to have ridden out this financial fiasco and has a good reputation with mortgages.

Am I nervous? Yep. Scared? You bet! Excited? Yes, when I'm not nervous or scared.

More immediately, I'm bummed. I. HATE. MOVING! I. HATE. PACKING! OMG! I don't know if I can express to you how much I hate those things. I wish I were one of those people who could go on vacation and come back to your house all moved. *sigh*

We have a local storage unit, so I am going to start moving stuff over there I think next week. It's a little tough trying to decide what you use and don't. I have an idea of a plan but am leaving my options open...so to speak.

In other news...

River of Death was good. We only had one scary incident. My advice to you, always wear your life vest. Period.

The kittens are evil. They have taken to waking up at 4 or 5 AM to play. When does the kitten thing end? Sheesh! Ok, As I sit here typing this, they are asleep and cute next to me, but Six sleeps with here eyes open...is that weird? Seems weird to me. And she's DREAMING! So she has the REM thing happening so it looks like she's looking around...so bizarre.

Any way, if you don't mind, I think I'll blog about my house hunting experiences with y'all.

See ya later!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where there's fire, there's...fire...

Well, the the river we float down is on fire. Well not ON fire, but there are fires up there and the areas we drop in and load out are closed...Presents a problem. What to do, what to do...

I know!! I'll make T-Shirts!!!

What do you think? LOL!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brand New Day

I know I've been absent mostly from my blog, but I've had to be. I'm happy to say, in a few weeks if all goes well, that will change. Things seem to finally be drifting in my favor for a change *knocks on wood*.

With that in mind, I think maybe I'll make some resolutions. Well not resolutions, but take some ideas I have and implement them. Make my life more of what I want it to be, or at least, do more of the things I want to do. I'm afraid this may upset some, but if they can't understand that it's time for me to take care my business, then I'll be sad but I'll move on.

What else is new? River of Death.

Yep it's that time again. We are leaving Sunday. We will be camping for the Whole. Damn. Week. Well, we'll break it up here and there with a motel or B&B. I mean how many times do I have to say it...IN-FREAKING-DOOR GIRL! Honestly, I don't even need that much. Shower, bathroom, power, Internet access...I can even do with out the latter if I have my iPhone to keep an eye on stuff.

The new Harry Potter comes out while we are up there. I made it known under no uncertain terms I WILL BE GOING TO SEE THAT. No questions, no discussions. I am NOT playin'.

In other news, I got my AA ...

and people made me walk. So embarrassing. I also discovered I'm 2 semesters away from my BA. So I think that will be coming up on the game plan. Maybe while up at the R.O.D. I can figure out what's what.

For now, I think that's it.

Oh, did I tell you I had a fabulous dream that I was making out with Wentworth? Yum.