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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ode to Wentworth Miller

There once was a man from the east,

He came out west for nicbeast,

She then grabbed his peen, how lovely it's been,

They have sex thrice a day, at least.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Virtual Pet

I have a new virtual pet! Go click on him and play with him. If you click and hold and rub him he purrs! Click out of the basket and he hops out, click in, he jumps back in! He is a good kitty. I will be showing him to my kitties so they can see what a good kitty looks like.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Another day, another interview...

Well, the first interview went so well, they invited me back for a second...for a different position. I will turn it down. It's part time. I can't do that. Financially it is not viable, no matter how fun it would be to work there. Oh well. The other job called me and I have an interview with them next week. That is probably a better fit for me anyway. Not nearly as fun, but good money and very close to home and good benefits.

Family is coming to visit this weekend for a couple days. That will be nice.

Next weekend is the annual camping trip, River of Death. Not sure about the camping, still haven't found all the camping supplies; but I am not looking that hard either. I hate camping. I am very much an indoor girl.

I think I see a motel in my future, which if you think about it is a lot like camping. At least there is indoor plumbing.

Sorry I wasn't more interesting, but when you never leave the house, what is there to talk about. Maybe in the future, I will pick a random topic and pontificate on it for a while....or not.

And just becauase...

Dear Sweet Lord Jesus...

Let us pray....

Heavenly father, please bless me with Wentworth Miller...IMMEDIATELY! Amen.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Job By Any Other Name...is still work.

It could be that the purpose of your life is
only to serve as a warning to others.

I love that quote!

Anywhoo...I had my first job interview in three years. I had to search the depths of my closet for my "Interview Suit" and pray that it still fit. Well who would have guessed, it did! In fact it was too big...go figure..

I went in, answered all the questions, filled out all the forms. I was cordial, professional, charming even. I gave her pretty copies of my resume, my card and my resume on disc...just in case. I wish I could get a job just interviewing. I'm good at it.

So, all in all, it went well. I don't know that I am qualified for the position, but I think it would be fun. We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, I took a test to work for the city. I'm not sure who writes those tests, but they need to find someone else to do it. They make very little sense. But, I did what I could do. They made me do Fractions! FRACTIONS! I haven't done fractions since, I think Jr. High School. Holy manhole covers Batman.

So I am going to be in a wedding next year. Yep. I'm a bride's maid. So the bride called and asked me to go to a Wedding Faire with her. So Saturday I did that too after the test. I came home around 6:00 p.m. and fell out! Man was I tired. I woke up at 10:00 p.m. I was looking around like what happened, why is it dark? Anyway...I guess that's all I got.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seriously...I need to get a new hobby...and other topics...

My New Hobby:
Last night, for whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to slip down my hardwood stairs onto the stone tile floor below. Fear not, my own fear stepped in and I grabbed the raincoat hanging from the hooks on the wall with one hand and the wall below the railing with the other. I would have gone down head first. Instead I sort of slipped down like I was Legolas riding his shield down the stairs...except I had to use my knees. Ouch. So now I feel like I have full body whiplash. Which is better than the first time I fell down the stairs and had to go have x-rays because they thought I broke something. You should have seen THAT bruise. I didn't know that colour appeared naturally in nature. Then today, as I was cleaning out the garage, I slipped on the step. I told you I needed a new hobby.

Other Topic - Knitting:
Yesterday, while folding laundry, I had the rare pleasure of seeing a show I never get to see, Knitty Gritty. Yes it is a knitting show. Yes I like to knit. Yes I am that big of a geek. Whatever. The point is, it really made me happy to watch. Then today while I was cleaning out some of the garage, I found all my knitting supplies. Yarn, needles, counters, knitting machine, (yes I have a knitting machine), ball winder, you know, knitting stuff! My heart ached. I want to knit. Why am I not knitting? I haven't made anything since I made those beanies for Wentworth Miller's gift bag. (SHUT UP! NO ONE ASKED YOU!)So I guess what I am saying, is I think it's time to pick up my needles again. Maybe I should start on Christmas gifts for people.


Other Topic - Relationships:
I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. My heart breaks for her. She is in a committed relationship, but as I understand it, she is not happy. They are just living together, and she seemed content with that for a while. But then she met someone. He's new, exciting, unbelievably sexy. So now she's torn. Do you stay with what you know, what is comfortable but brings you no joy or feeling? Or do you go with what is new, exciting, although dangerous and complicated but has awakened your soul and makes you feel alive again? I'm sure I don't know. Like I said, my heart breaks for her. So this is for her:

Girl, you know I love you! I will stand by your side whatever your decision, right, wrong or indifferent. I will fight for you and cry with you, because that is what friends do. No judgment, just love. Be strong and call me...whenever!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


OK So there is a lot I could talk about but probably shouldn't. If you know me, you know what's going on. Let's say it all together "FUCKTARDS!" (thank you Krissie for that, my new favorite word)

In other news, I went to see the new Harry Potter Movie. Best one yet. And how hot was young Snape! The movies seem to be getting darker and I like it.

What else...Looking forward to the new season of Prison Break. It has been a lonely, Wentless summer. It'll be good to see him brooding again.

So, I think I like the Brazilian. Go figure. I didn't think I would. I'm thinking I will keep it...at least for while.

Wow. I really have nothing to say...well I do but I don't think I should talk about it so I guess that's all for now. Ok, how about a really inappropriate picture! (Thanks Nate!)

Tell me that didn't crack you up!

How did I forget this!!

Dancing Robots

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"I've been saying it for a long time; The Japaneese will bulid actual transformers. They will come here and make Hiroshima look like a joke. We will all eat ramen and will learn to like it because they will give us iPhones and goza. Long live the rising sun." Nic-Brother


Does that mean they will bring us Amaury?

Mmmmmm...Amaury.....(Because he shows up.)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Salmon Reunion Show

Went to the Salmon Reunion show last night!


If you missed it, sucks to be you! I love a good mosh pit. Here is the link to the pictures, and some video for your enjoyment! Click on the pic...

Salmon Show 7/7/07


Mosh Pit:

Mosh and some stage time:

Stage time:



...and a little Willie's Conception for good measure:

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm a Brazilian

Ok. Saturday comes and I get ready to head to the salon trying not to panic. Can I do it? Will I do it? Should I just cancel? Will it hurt? It shouldn't hurt. I have the "No-Scream Cream" that I have slathered in excess...EVERYWHERE!

Fast forward 20 minutes and I am sitting in front of the building. I can not believe I am gonna do this...

I pick up my belongings and head in. I check in at the desk and have a seat. There is another lady sitting near me. I wonder what she is here for. She is rubbing her palms against her jeans nervously.

My girl comes out and our eyes meet. "We gonna do it?"
"Are you sure?"
"You don't have to..."
"No, I want to."
"You're sure?"
"Yes. I am sure."
"Ok. Let me go clean up from my last client and I will be ready," she smiles and takes off.
I guess you get three chances to back out.

She comes back and takes me back to the room. "Ok, take off everything from the waist down, climb up here on the table and we'll get started."

I look around neverously. What no hospital gown, no sheet no nothing? How humiliating is this?

"I'll be right back." she says to me. I think she feels my state of alarm and is giving me a moment. I sooooo needed that moment. She leaves closing the door behind her. I take a deep clensing breath. Not enough. I take another one. That's better. I strip down and spy a blanket on the chair I wrap it around me to walk to the table in case she comes in, door wide open and hello salon! Which is exactly what happened, but there was no one outside the door, thank god. I toss the blanket back on the chair and climb on the table.

She then proceeds to give me instruction on how to position my legs. Think...frog's legs. Lying there totally exposed and very embarrassed, she explains the wax is not that hot, but the area is more sensitive than say your eyebrows. Uh, ya think?

Now, my girl is good. She talks to you the whole time to distract you. The wax felt hot, just like she said, but in all honesty, it didn't hurt that bad. Now, I think waxing your lip is a little bit of hell on earth. She was right, it wasn't as bad as the lip.

So, my recommendation? Just do it! Suck it up, pup. She's right. It's no big deal. I do have to say this though, I was so nervous going in, I forgot to tell her to leave the landing strip so I do look like this.

But less grumpy...