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Friday, May 25, 2007

It Had to be You

Thursday was D-Day! Well actually, it was H-day! Harry Connick, Jr. Day. Now anyone who knows me, knows I love me some Harry! He actually has the capacity to make me swoon. No joke.

(Sorry Went, if you showed up more often and maybe sang here in the USA…I might dub you swoon worthy too. (anyone else catch the pun heh heh) But you know you are still my number one, baby. Right?)

I ran out of work, changed into some boobalicious clothes,because, since someone else we know didn’t show, why let a good top and jeans go to waste.

Once in The City, dinner is had at In-n-Out Burger. (Please don’t think the irony of that is missed on me) For dessert, God help me, get this, I am looking at Krispy Kreme, right next door. (Irony not lost here either) I tell you, what more does a girl need, other than some people to show up…

Parking is a snap! How often can you say that about San Francisco? We park next to a guy who smiles broadly, and I think, I love the city, and what a nice sweater he is wearing! Men don’t wear enough sweaters in my opinion.

Ok, leaving the parking lot, sweater boy is in front of us with who? Sweater boy, boyfriend! Suddenly it is all clear. Yes, of course the gay man knows how to rock the sweater! (BTW, still in the market to be a hag)

At the Davies Hall, tickets are taken, seats are found and the place is AMAZING! Seriously! It was gorgeous! And probably a sound engineers dream!

So looking around at all the other people, who do I see walking up the isle. No, not Went. Remember, he doesn’t show. Ex Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I think this is hilarious! What’s more he is only 5 rows ahead of me. Yes I had some great tickets!

The lights dim and Harry’s band comes out.


The run through some songs with out him. They are amazing musicians. I can’t say enough about them. AMAZING!

Harry finally comes out, he had on this beautiful gray suit and black and grey silk tie. I managed to keep from throwing my panties at him. He plays piano a little, sings a little and makes me swoon a little. I COULD NOT wipe the stupid grin off my face.

He finishes singing and takes a moment to point out there are four empty seats in the front row, and if the occupants didn’t show in 10 minutes, he was going to give their seats to someone in the balcony. I myself, would be happy to sit in the corner of the stage on the floor. Maybe next time. I know, I know, you have your fantasies, I have mine.

More songs are sung and the occupants finally show. Bastards. So he sings a few more songs and it is time to introduce the band. While introducing the band, he uses the bastards in the front row as comic relief and picks on them the whole time. * wailing, shaking fist at sky WHY OH WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN ME * He also introduces himself as Chris Issac. Silly boy. Chris wishes…

Anyway, watching the amazing show and I happen to notice that my shirt is opening and the girls are starting to try to make their way out. Can’t blame them really, don’t you want to get closer to Harry?

Watching him play I am struck by his amazing sense of rhythm, which I happen to believe you need more of for jazz so kooky. Ok girls did you hear me? AMAZING RHYTHM. (Please see earlier In-n-Out and Kreme reference) *Swoon* I also notice his tie is missing. When did he take that off and I missed it?

Now let me say this, I am not really a big “Jazz” fan. I am a Harry fan. For jazz, I am not inclined to just sit around and listen to it or put it on in my car, I need to watch jazz. It is very visual for me. Watching it, I can appreciate more, the beauty in the dissonance. I really do understand why people have a hard time with it. This was of course, more melodic than a lot so I think anyone interested would have had a good time.

At one point he brought out a couple of “Pinch Hitter” from New Orleans, a trombone and trumpet player. They were crazy good! Sorry I can't remember their names.

In the middle of various of his musicians playing solos, Harry has full on conversations with his band members. What?! It is so odd. What are they talking about? What is that crucial? And more importantly, why am I left out? * wailing again *

So, what is better than playing and singing Harry? Stripping Harry! He starts to take off his suit jacket! I almost die. I am having palpitations! Rolls up his sleeves of his shirt and starts to do what? DANCE! Singing, stripping dancing Harry! I am in hysterics! I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe and tears are running down my very sore cheeks. Then the two pinch hitters put down their horns, they all turn their backs to us and start to shake their booties, sideways across the stage!

*is dead *

My poor heart can’t take it. When I am finally brought back to life they are taking their bow and leaving the stage. What? It’s over? NO! This should be intermission! I look at my watch, it’s been TWO HOURS?!?!?!?!!! This was the shortest two hours ever!

He comes back for one last encore. “It Had to be You.” Thanks Harry! I would have like to have posed the video for it, but apparently, it has gone into hiding. So, instead, I will post my favorite Harry song.

Whispered Your Name.

Harry also asked we help with the devastation in New Orleans. I am doing my part to spread the word.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Breaking News!

Wentworth Miller, star of Fox's hit show Prison Break, doesn't exist!
I repeat,
Wentworth Miller, star of Fox's hit show Prison Break, doesn't exist!

Sources deep inside Fox reveal he is Computer Generated!

This explains why he never shows up and is SO FREAKING HOT!! Damn you Fox! Damn you to hell!!! (Must be one of Lucas' side projects. I wondered what he was doing over there at ILM these days )

It's the age old question is posed once again...


So...again...he didn't show, and Amaury Nolasco did...mmmm....Amaury...
Sorry, I digress...

Wentworth, why do you do this? YOU ARE BLOWING IT!!

You have so many fans and all we want is the opportunity to share our appreciation for you obvious gifts. Why do you shun us? You had the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people I have ever had the honour of knowing

Thanks to WFW for the Paley Pic.

and you disregarded it with out so much as an apology...you must feel bad about that

Our hearts and spirits are broken.
OK, that was a bit melodramatic but you get the point...but I meant every word about the wonderful people though.

*Shaking head at Wentworth* What am I gonna do with you? If I have to tie you up and beat you, I WILL young man!!

Mmmmm...tied up Went.....

I'm also pretty good with handcuffs and chains, too...

I may need a moment...

OK, focus...back to the rant at hand...

So pack that goofy suitcase of yours, grab your backpack and come see us.
I promise! You will have a good time, and we promise not to make you do this:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go Tell it on the Mountain!!

It turns out The Man's Uncle is not ok. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has between 6 weeks and 6 months.

Go tell your loved ones, friends, crushes, pets everyone, how much you love them. What a difference a moment makes.

To all of the above, I love you! For all your goodness, kindness, quirks, irritations, aggravations, laughter, tears, questions, favors, strength, weakness, everything that makes you uniquely you. I know I don't say it enough, and I am not big on big displays of affection, but know that if you called, I would come...running!

And you! Why are you still here?


Something in the air...

I went to bed way too late last night. I was up reading on a writing site I frequent. The story was sooooooooo goood! But I am a sap, and it was sweet. It was called "Bobby and Rachel". So today I am a little tired.

I stopped at the local drug store to fill a Rx on my way home. The tech at the window was flirting with me. I was a little surprised but figured after talking to elderly people all day and hearing about all their physical ailments, he was probably happy to have someone in the same age range as him. So, I flirted back. No eye batting, giggle, giggle flirting, but see I have a great sense of humour and personality flirting.. "That'll be 20 minutes." Great.

I go to the grocery store and get something for dinner. As I am throwing various items into my basket, single dad guy pointedly looks into my basket. No sir, you may not have dinner at my place. His son walked up talking about how many hot dogs they needed. Judging by the size of the pack...A LOT. I sashayed my booty to the checkout and went back to the drugstore.

After filling the order I walked out to get into my car, a van full of creepy men in camo baseball hats watched me like I was their next meal. I smiled and climbed into my car. I opened the sun roof, and window, cranked up my iPod to a completely unacceptable level, and put on my sunglasses. Looking back up at them, I give them a naughty half grin, and they looked at me disapprovingly, like I needed a lesson they wanted to give me. I thought that only happened in bad romance novels. I backed out of my space and two other men were ginning at me. I knew what they were thinking. I don't know if it was the rhinestone cross emblazoned across my chest, or the fact that I haven't combed my hair in days and it is looking wild, or the fact that I had on lip gloss. Maybe it was all those things, or maybe it was none of them. Maybe it was just spring in the air.

My girl is off hunting my boy. I am so happy for her, and sad for me. But she will call me if she finds him. Oh God. I could just freak out at the thought. In fact, I can't think about it. My heart couldn't take it. Because as we all know, the last time, he didn't show. Shall I show you what I am talking about? I think I shall!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Day, Another Doctor

So, I guess I hadn't felt like I had been poked around enough, so I went to the Dr again today for a completely unrelated issue then the one I went to on Sunday. I swear I should get an honourary medical degree with all this crap. Any way the answer is...DRUGS. I knew it would be. What is the question you ask? How do you fix what is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? If you know me, you know.

In other medical news, a family friend had and aneurysm but seems to be ok. I guess it was in a heart valve or something. Crazy. The Man's step dad and uncle are ok. Every one is fine.

Well, I have things to do, so I will check out!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


You know, I did nothing this weekend. Worked on nothing. Cleaned nothing. Cooked nothing. Nothing. I got my brows waxed and went to Target. Oh and got yet ANOTHER infection that I am on a 10 day course of antibiotics for. Anyone else wanna take a swing at me? Surprisingly I am not that upset by it. Hence the "Whatever" title. So, there you have it.

Mother's day was nice. I got my mom a facial at my salon for a present. She will like that. We went to the Poor House Bistro for Mother's Day brunch. It was yummy! Beignets with Praline Sauce. God how did I live my whole life before I found those.

OK to bed I go to try to heal my body.

Maybe a little eye candy, too...just because I'm not feeling well.

Doesen't it just look like he is thinking, "Nicbeast, honey, what can I do to make you feel better?"

No? You have your fantasies, I have mine...

Friday, May 11, 2007


So, it was a slow day. Dr. apt was...disappointing. Oh well, par for the course. I went to have drinks with a couple of coworkes and nicbrother after work. That was a lot of fun. Came home and chatted a bit. The cats are needy, and I went to bed after midnight last night so I am beat. Maybe I will be more interesting tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Nothing of note happened today. Although I got a disturbing call from a friend. I hope all is well with her.

I'd also like to wish Fever a happy birthday!

I have a dr.'s apt tomorrow. Yipee. And I may be going to have drinks with a girl friend. I hope that is the case.

Anyway, hope everyone has a happy mother's day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Apologies were given, things are back to normal. So, WHY AM I STILL PISSED!


Go check out Salmon. They are having a reunion!

Bad Day

Today is a bad day. I feel like the woman in "Forget" except there is no happy ending for me. I just got to lie in bed and cry intermittently between heartbreak and the relief of brief episodes of sleep. But even then the dreams were tense and uncomfortable. I heard footsteps once and hoped they would join me. More disappointment. Even the cat didn't want to stay in the same room with me. I'm not good with this kind of emotional pain. I can take the physical kind, I have a high tolerance. But this, this is otherworldly.

I'll get through. I always do. A little worse for wear, tattered and scarred, but through. So, I'll keep with the mantras. Increments. Sometimes the increments are large, months, weeks. Today, it is moment by moment. Project yourself way on the other side of the finish line. (I guess it is not enough to just cross it.) Although, today, honestly, I would be happy to just get within sight.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


How does it feel when you let down the people you love? It feels like Death. No, I'm wrong. It is worse than death, because you have to live through the pain and knowledge of what you've done.

Another Day

Well, it was another mostly uneventful day. Tuesdays are my long days at work so it was next to excruciating. I also helped WFW with the last of the Paley Posts. That was fun. You should check it out. I have another phone conference with the Dr.'s office on Friday. I may have to call them back and schedule for sooner, things that aren't supposed to happen yet seem like they may be which screws up my time table.

So I decided to bbq for dinner tonight. I went to turn on one of our gas grills, yes we have two, and it was out of propane. So I use the other one which I am not as fond of. After like 15 tries of trying to light the damn thing, I finally get it lit. I put the links on the grill, and cover them with the lid. Just then the Orkin man shows up at my door trying to convince me to let them come spray for bugs tomorrow. No go. When I get back to the grill, all the links are BLACK. Not burnt, but BLACK from soot. So there I stand with a wad of wet paper towels cleaning off the food and putting it back on the grill, hoping that a coat of bbq sauce will make it all better.
On to the next phase of the meal. I bought Safeway's Signature Macaroni and Cheese as a side. It was THE worst mac and cheese I have EVER had, and that included the Country Crock stuff. YUCK! The only redeeming part of the meal was the potato salad which was tainted by the yuckieness of the other items. At that point I contemplated another Mike's Crisp Apple. Oh well. Oh, and where was The Man you ask? Well, his train broke down so he won't be home until 9. Sucks to be him.

Anywho...it is hot and I am tired, so I will try to clean my room some and think about The Pretty. It makes everything better. Mmmmm.

See, don't you feel better? Told ya.

Monday, May 7, 2007


So what's new today. Not that much, and I really don't have that much to say. I went to go drop off nic-brother's computer and his friends were there. With out so much as a second thought they gave me a hug. It was nice. I appreciated it. They were gonna bbq and invited me to stay but I am just getting over the Coachella Flu so I came home and decided to start a blog. Why? Not so sure. Maybe it was listening to nic-brother's friend B talk about reading his late mother's journals and how much it meant to him. All my journals are full of piss and vinegar because I only write in them when I am mad. So here is an attempt at every day life. So, not much happened today, which of course could be construed as a good day.