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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Visiting Oz and the Munchkins


I am on the road! I decided to go visit my best friend and her family. (Read: Mom, Dad and 4 kids!)

I'd forgotten how funny kids are. I hadn't been here more than a few hours when #1 son, who we will call D, insulted the size of my head. As if that weren't bad enough, Best Fried, BF/Mom, told D that is was not nice to insult the size of someone's freakishly large head. Thanks. Appreciate it. ( I do not have a freakishly large head by the way...Big hair yes, head no.)

#2 son, W, is potty training. So he gets up from the table and announces he needs to go poo. Good for you W! He runs to the bathroom. Mom, #1 daughter, J, #1 son D, and I mostly ignore the goings on until he calls from the bathroom. Dad goes into the bathroom to help. We hear, "What? Wha-? What have you done? What have you done?!" We all look up at dad walking into the bathroom.

Mom calls, " Do you need help?"

Dad comes out of the bathroom with a gray, plastic toy part and holds it over the sink.

"What happened?" mom asks.

Exasperated, he holds up the toy, closes his eyes and says, "This has poop on it."


All four of us at the table fell out laughing. We didn't even TRY to hide our amusement. Mom gets up and goes into the bathroom while dad cleans said toy. The kids and I go back to doing whatever it is we were doing when we hear W in the bathroom sing, "I go poop! I go poop! Yay! Yay! I go poop! I go poop! Yay! Yay!" Over and over...

I smile to myself because, well, it's funny. Until I hear...

"W stop dancing so I can wipe your butt! NO! STOP DANCING!!"

So then, it's not funny...IT'S FREAKING HILARIOUS!"

Later W, started calling me grandma. *sigh* I can't win for losing. There is no place like home...or your best friend's house.

On the brighter side, J made me 2 pot holders and a necklace. Which was too small to fit over my head, (which is what sparked the freakishly large head convo) so now I wear it as a bracelet.


We went to the farmer's market and tooled around there. Very nice! Then we went to the park. Did I mention that J wore her pretty polka dot dress because she wanted to be "fancy." She is such a girly girl. D on the other hand wore his black cape. Yes, black cape. I took to calling him Darth.

Turns out I was wrong. His chosen career path is Super Hero, hence the cape......or he wants to be a Policeman.

J on the other hand would like to open a princess school.

Teach girls how to be princesses with princess manners and such. I laughed, too. For like a second until I thought...actually, that might be fun! So if she does open the school, I am ready to go. I think this little girl will be too.

After the park, we went to Johnny Rocket's for lunch, then looked around the mall. When it was time to go home, W had a melt down. "I don't wanna go home! No thank you! I don't wanna go home! No thank you!" No thank you? Who is this kid?

We get home put on a a movie and we all decide it's nap time...well except for D & J. I go in my room and lie down. D comes in and asks, "Would you like a foot rub?"
Um, well, YEAH!!!! DUH!!! He says, "Oh! I know what you will like!" Then runs off and comes back with a cool, wet, wash cloth and begins to wash my feet. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yes he does know what I like. I then make note to tell all men in my world they need to talk to D. He clearly knows what women want.

So, my nap went well. I got up we had Gouda, crackers, cantaloupe from the farmers market and Kalamata olives for dinner and that was pretty much my day.

Oh daughter #2 isn't mentioned much because she is 6 months old and well, pretty much just sits and laughs at me...I should probably be worried by this, but she is so damn cute, I don't care! I just want her to always laugh!

Hopefully this coming week will include, mani, pedi and waxing. Not a brazilian because I am only letting my regular waxing specialist do that...


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