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Friday, September 7, 2007

And now...A Public Service Announcement From Wentworth Miller

Hello. I'm Wentworth Miller.

I love to read!

Reading and books have shaped and changed the world throughout history. Kids who read early and often become inspired learners and lifelong achievers. To quote George Washington, "To promote Literature in this rising empire, and to encourage the Arts, have ever been amongst the warmest wishes of my heart."

Well said, George...well said.
I know, I know...that isn't George, but why look at him when you can look at me?

As a Princeton graduate *smiles, tooth sparkles*,

education is very important to me, why, if I couldn't read, I wouldn't be the star on my hit show! So, to do my part, I used my writing an singing talents to help with the following PSA,..

Read A Book

*Fade to black*

So, I extend my hand to you...

...and ask you to, please, Read A Book, or I will have to pull out my big guns!

Thank you.

And, now a clip from the upcumming season of Prison Break.

Ok, so that's the UK promo but it is way better than ours!

Alright, alright...and some real PSA's.


Wentorth Miller and whoever produced this freaking hilarious video have nothing to do with my blog. I just thought it was some funny shit. Don't sue me.


Geisha said...

T-Bag as the devil? No freaking surprise there. And for Went I would read ANYTHING. Even the tag on his underwear *wink*

Anonymous said...

READ READ READ!!! Thank you Went!! You show me the light, I want to read now!
How could I live without reading all those years???

nicbeast said...

Geisha - No shit honey! Me too!

Doc - Went, helping to enlighten people one PSA at a time...

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

MMmmmmmmm Yummy pictures.
I don't even care that he looked like he was concentrating a little too hard to read that book. It's ok baby WW you don't need to read darlin, you just keep lookin purty fo mamma.

Krissie said...

Books? Hmmm...
A very nice girl from overseas once sent me one of those but up until now I had no idea what to do with it. Thank you, Wentworth Miller (am I spelling it correctly?), you have truly enlightened me!