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Friday, October 2, 2009

I had a dream...

The past couple of days, I've been in some pain.  It's like having a screaming headache, but all over your body, from head to toe.

I finally fell asleep last night and actually had a dream about how much pain I was in.

I drove to the dr's office and paced outside the door convincing myself to go in.  Feeling like it was silly for me to be there, I told myself I should just suck it up and go home.  Next thing I know I'm inside my dr's lobby and they are having some sort of clinic day.  I check in at the table and a guy that looks like Anthony Edwards asks about my stats.  I tell him this is my regular dr and I have insurance.  Smiling he sends me over to wait in a different line.  I'm standing there, trying to ignore the pain, when the world around me starts to go dark, from the outside in, like a pin hole.  I crumble to the floor, my world has gone black except for a flash of light here and there; some woman yelling instructions, people rushing around me then total darkness.

I wake on a gurney in a hospital.  A very kind nurse starts asking me questions about my memories.  I answer her and realize she is checking to see if I'm coherent or hit my head. 

Then I wake.

You think it's my body telling me I'm crazy not go to the dr?


Sciwriter said...

Yep, I told u that

nicbeast said...

Yeah, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Take care. (hugs)

Anonymous said...

It wasn't that drastic for me. My tooth (#8 molar) got infected, or the flesh around it did. It hurt like a bitch, I had terrible breath, I'd wake up in the morning covered in sweat and the side of my face was numb for two whole days.

Then I thought I should probably go see a dentist.

Then I thought I was just being a baby.

Then I called a friend and asked her if she thinks I should go see a dentist.

She thought I was joking asking her approval. So I went, next thing I know I'm on antibiotics for 8 days.

Nic, why do we do that to ourselves?