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Friday, September 24, 2010


I am not one to jump into a rant, but I am tired, tired, tired of all the shenanigans, lies and accusations being hurled in my breathing space.  It surprises me the lengths people will go to, to be perceived as the victim.

You either post blogs, send emails, or “speak online” to people, all to spread the word of “poor me”.  If that’s not enough, please, let’s also make sure that you make unrealistic requests then manipulate them to elevate your sad, misunderstood, “poor me” circumstance.  You constructed a reality around you that bares no resemblance to actual reality, and I bet if I called you on your lies and backed you into a corner, you would get defensive and spew sewage and try to turn the tables to make me/us/them look we are the ones committing the wrong doing.  Give it up.  No one is falling for it, except for maybe the poor sap that I will address later.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me your loyalty is shit.  When I/us/them asked you to keep something to yourself, not only did you tell everyone, but are probably embellishing it to make me/us/them look worse.  I also have a sneaking suspicion all your “medical issues” are either made up or in your head to serve as a convenient excuse as to your behavior.  I am looking forward to the day when you cannot keep track of all your lies.  I’m sure you’ll blame me/us/them for your inability.

It would also stand to reason you don’t realize you come across as a sociopathic or professional liar.  I’m not sure which one.  A sociopath is typically charismatic, manipulative, self-centered, goal oriented liar who does it in order to get their way with out concern for others.  Professional liars on the other hand, are really completely tuned in to the process of lying. Professional liars are sleek, cunning in the way they present their lies, and they are often extremely calculative in their approach.  You can see my perplexity; they are very similar.  I bet there’s a crossover.  Of course, if you want to add a third to the mix, look at the pathological liars, they have a melodramatic or even a narcissistic personality disorder.  That fits, too.  So, you pick which one you would rather be.  All options suck if you ask me, but try to find the lesser of the three evils that you can live with.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now, let’s take a moment to touch on the poor saps you have hoodwinked into following and believing you.  My bet is that they are “damaged” somehow.  It would make them easy prey.  To them I say, “You have instincts, use them!”  Hopefully they will learn to think for themselves and fact check, maybe look at all sides of the situation as well.  I know it sucks to find out your friend is one of these liars and your pretty little pink bubble would burst, but hey, with any luck, you still have your bank account intact.  Might I suggest you ask for hard evidence (that would be something you can actually see, not something they tell you).  I’m sure it is the nemesis of the sociopathic/professional/pathological liar.  It would make me really happy to see that squirmy dance.

Just so we are clear, I have some rules I am going to need all liars to follow:

  1. If you are a liar, pipe down. I/us/them don’t want to hear it.
  2. You are not allowed to argue that you are not a liar. Me/us/them all know you are, so see item number 1.
  3. You are not allowed to argue that you hang around with other liars therefore you are not responsible for your lying behavior.  Man up or shut up.
  4. I do not care how challenging your life is.  Lying about it does not help you or anyone else.  Besides, I guarantee, if you stepped outside and looked around there is someone who is worse off than you and not lying about it.
  5. I do not care where you live.  If your town is boring and you feel the need to lie to entertain yourself, move.
  6. You also do not get to lie about anyone else.  If you must lie, and really, you don’t need to unless you have a gun pointed to your head, and then I would have to weigh the options, only lie about yourself.  You don’t think I/us/them know when you are lying about us?  You don’t think that shit gets back to me/us/them?  You are truly delusional.  I wonder what type of liar that symptom falls under.
  7. I will have to use a quote for this one. “If you do any of the above, individually or severally, when the Internets call you out for being clueless, entitled, ignorant and an embarrassment as a human being — and they will — you will not then complain how your words were misunderstood and/or taken out of context and/or that people missed the real point of your argument.” ~John Scalzi~
  8. The above rule applies equally to anyone defending the right of those who lie.
  9. Finally and most importantly, stay away from me.  You are a waste of time and I have more than enough to do in my life than to worry about what bullshit your dumb lying ass is spreading.

These rules are effective immediately, please enforce.

Your paranoia (also a sociopathic symptom) is right.  If you think I am talking to you, I am.

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