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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once more with feeling...

Yep.  You guessed it!  It's that time of year one more time.  

Here's the thing.  I wasn't even thinking about it really.  I didn't have much going on.  No party planned.  There was talk of doing a Dr. Who extravaganza but nothing really came of it.  No one is coming to visit.  Nothing is scheduled.  So, essentially it crossed my mind, maybe once or twice, like is should look around and make sure there was no enemy approaching.  I did and nothing.  Then BAM.  Smacked right upside the head.  When will I learn?  I should just go away the week surrounding that day.  All alone.  Maybe a TV and a couple of books.  It seems, if I'm alone, then there is less likely for something to go and ruin or taint the day.

I mean other than the prep for the surgery last year, that was one of the best birthday's I'd had in YEARS!  Wrong, yes?  True, though.  How I wish to be in a semi private hospital room with a barfing roommate.  Sounds like heaven right about now.

"Hows your pain level?"
"Through the roof."
"OK.  We'll take care of that."
"Thank you so much."

Today is a bad day.  Really, bad, fucking day.  At least now I have a plan with contingencies built in.  I've got a death grip on that like you wouldn't believe.

So, here's to the plan.  May it fucking work.

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