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Monday, September 1, 2008

Feel free to move about your life...not.

I have to say. I'm a little bummed. I have a friend who is making me feel bad for going back to school. You'd think they'd be happy for me, the opportunity to better my life. I get a better education, I can get a better job and make more money. More freedom, more time. I was hoping for a little encouragement, but instead, I'm made to feel guilty. I get they are sad, we've spent a lot of time together, and there will be some loneliness, but it's not like we won't be spending any time talking. My fear and excitement has been replaced by guilt and sadness. I'm not sure what to do about it. I guess there's nothing to do about it. I lead my life, I do what I can for those I can and take care of myself in the process. Which I think is the wrong priority. I should do what I need to do for me right now. Everything else should fall second.

Honestly, am I being selfish again? I know that's my tendency. (If you search the blog for "selfish" you'll find my other posts on how I'm selfish.) How do I make it right for everyone? Some advice would be great.


Gwen said...

Oh boy - tell your friend off right now. What a complete arse this person is being. I think you going back to school is great and as you've said an opportunity for you and your man for a better future. You are not being selfish at all in this case - your friend is. This friend needs see that you are taking care of you and yours (which happens to include that friend) becuz school is just the place you need to be right now and that will make you a better, happier, more well rounded person.

Anonymous said...

When a friend is opposed to a friend trying to realize his potential, then the former is not a real friend.

LadyN said...

She has problems in the head.

Ignore. Thrive. Excel! The best decision you couldn't done for yourself!