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Monday, September 1, 2008


Well boys and girls, it's back to school time. Even for me. My God!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!! I'm a lousy student! It's so hard for me. I 'm terrible at memorization. I freeze up when I have to write a paper. I don't write that well anyway! On top of it, I have personal stuff going on which may interfere with my studies. I'll talk to the teachers about it. I don't really want to scrub the semester, so hopefully they will work with me. After all, it's not like I'm some kid trying get out of doing work. *bats eyelashes* So, what am I taking? Well, I'll tell ya!

ENGL 1C Critical Reasoning and Writing - this is online so that should be ok with the medical stuff.

INTRO GEOLOGY - I have to go in for that. Could be a problem but it's only twice a week so...

BEGINNING PIANO - MUS 4B - I haven't touched a piano in years this should be humiliating. It also falls on Prison Break night. Thank goodness for Tivo. (Not that I have high hopes for the season.)

POLS 4 Introduction to International Relations - Sooo not political but in light of the current affairs, could be good. Also an online class.

So, 12 units. Full time. I've been trying to get some of the reading done ahead of time. Not too successful though. I waited a while to get the books. Which I did through Amazon Marketplace and saved like $150! College bookstores are such a racket. I tell you it was like giving the bookstore a giant middle finger! Felt good. With the online classes it still allows me enough time to continue to look for a job too.

If anyone would be willing to write any of my papers for me I would be most appreciative! Just sayin'. OH! Do you have any sure fire study skills? Tricks? Tips? Help an old dog out! How do you feel about recording class lectures? Help? Hinder? Highlighters? How do you take notes? Do you take notes? Pen and Paper? Computer? Any tips for taking tests? See, I'm freaking out. Lord help me.

On a different note, what are you all looking forward to watching this season? Are there any good shows coming on? I haven't really been paying attention.


SavMed said...

Take notes and revise within 24 hours. The info you revise gets into your "hard disc", or at least I was told that.

LadyN said...

Go girl!

and PIANO!?! I'm sooo jealous! :-D

*throwing a parade for nic getting smarter!*