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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Hunting

Looking, looking, looking. Handfulls of houses, nothing exciting then bam! No wait more like BAM BAM!

Bed/Bath:4 / 3
Lot:7,000 sq ft
Yr Built / Age:1985 / 24 years

The first BAM is well with in our price range. Needs some work but nothing that would make it tough to live in while we refurbished. It also has a pool, which honestly for me, isn't a selling point. But it has good structure. I like it. Big kitchen! Even a bit excicted about it, though I was trying not to be. The realtor tried to get info on the place this weekend and all the websites and what not were being changed and by the time he did get in, it said there were no listings for our city. He's not convinced he thinks it may be a computer thing, transferring files and what not, so he's gonna call the agent on Monday. *Crosses Fingers*.

Bed/Bath:4 / 2
Lot:7,040 sq ft
Yr Built / Age:1981 / 28 years

The second BAM is a little high for us but absolutely beautiful. Move in ready. The price is a little high and we would kinda be stuck for a minute...a bit house poor, but no work needs to be done. GREAT KITCHEN! *sigh*. The price makes me nervous. I have a call into our finance person to check on what the payments would be so, we'll see. I don't have any pictures of the first house, they have disappeared which leads me to belive that the house is already pending, but here are the some of the second house.

So, keep your fingers crossed for us. If you would like to donate to our housing there is a paypal button on the side of the blog lololol!

Also, the packing starts in earnest tomorrow for the move next weekend. I hate packing. So, anyone who has nothing better to do than help me pack and move is more than welcome!


mhillard1229 said...

Very very nice... They all look sooo beautiful.... Good Luck!!!!!!

nicbeast said...

Thank you!!! You'll have to come visit becuase God knows I won't be able to go anywhere! LOL!!

Sciwriter said...

crosses fingers*