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Sunday, July 15, 2007


OK So there is a lot I could talk about but probably shouldn't. If you know me, you know what's going on. Let's say it all together "FUCKTARDS!" (thank you Krissie for that, my new favorite word)

In other news, I went to see the new Harry Potter Movie. Best one yet. And how hot was young Snape! The movies seem to be getting darker and I like it.

What else...Looking forward to the new season of Prison Break. It has been a lonely, Wentless summer. It'll be good to see him brooding again.

So, I think I like the Brazilian. Go figure. I didn't think I would. I'm thinking I will keep it...at least for while.

Wow. I really have nothing to say...well I do but I don't think I should talk about it so I guess that's all for now. Ok, how about a really inappropriate picture! (Thanks Nate!)

Tell me that didn't crack you up!

How did I forget this!!

Dancing Robots

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"I've been saying it for a long time; The Japaneese will bulid actual transformers. They will come here and make Hiroshima look like a joke. We will all eat ramen and will learn to like it because they will give us iPhones and goza. Long live the rising sun." Nic-Brother


Does that mean they will bring us Amaury?

Mmmmmm...Amaury.....(Because he shows up.)


Krissie said...

So, I think I like the Brazilian. I'm thinking I will keep it...

Uhm... do you really have a choice there? Or am I unaware of the existence of pubic wig industry?

nicbeast said...

It grows back, dork!

Krissie said...

Not for a while it doesn't!

Mama Bear said...

Krissie said:

"Uhm... do you really have a choice there? Or am I unaware of the existence of pubic wig industry?"

How do you think I make my vast amounts of supplemental income?

nicbeast said...


Anonymous said...

Not because he shows up, Nic... But because he has the most amazing body (see the beautiful V-shape there? ... *thud*), the cutest toothpaste commercial smile, the heartiest laugh, the darkest sparkliest eyes... He is just to good to be true... Can't wait for fall!