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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seriously...I need to get a new hobby...and other topics...

My New Hobby:
Last night, for whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to slip down my hardwood stairs onto the stone tile floor below. Fear not, my own fear stepped in and I grabbed the raincoat hanging from the hooks on the wall with one hand and the wall below the railing with the other. I would have gone down head first. Instead I sort of slipped down like I was Legolas riding his shield down the stairs...except I had to use my knees. Ouch. So now I feel like I have full body whiplash. Which is better than the first time I fell down the stairs and had to go have x-rays because they thought I broke something. You should have seen THAT bruise. I didn't know that colour appeared naturally in nature. Then today, as I was cleaning out the garage, I slipped on the step. I told you I needed a new hobby.

Other Topic - Knitting:
Yesterday, while folding laundry, I had the rare pleasure of seeing a show I never get to see, Knitty Gritty. Yes it is a knitting show. Yes I like to knit. Yes I am that big of a geek. Whatever. The point is, it really made me happy to watch. Then today while I was cleaning out some of the garage, I found all my knitting supplies. Yarn, needles, counters, knitting machine, (yes I have a knitting machine), ball winder, you know, knitting stuff! My heart ached. I want to knit. Why am I not knitting? I haven't made anything since I made those beanies for Wentworth Miller's gift bag. (SHUT UP! NO ONE ASKED YOU!)So I guess what I am saying, is I think it's time to pick up my needles again. Maybe I should start on Christmas gifts for people.


Other Topic - Relationships:
I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. My heart breaks for her. She is in a committed relationship, but as I understand it, she is not happy. They are just living together, and she seemed content with that for a while. But then she met someone. He's new, exciting, unbelievably sexy. So now she's torn. Do you stay with what you know, what is comfortable but brings you no joy or feeling? Or do you go with what is new, exciting, although dangerous and complicated but has awakened your soul and makes you feel alive again? I'm sure I don't know. Like I said, my heart breaks for her. So this is for her:

Girl, you know I love you! I will stand by your side whatever your decision, right, wrong or indifferent. I will fight for you and cry with you, because that is what friends do. No judgment, just love. Be strong and call me...whenever!


Anonymous said...

*Wipes away tears*
Thanks Nicky

Bel said...

That most certainly is a hard one... If there are no children involved, I'd say, go with your heart, whoever you are. Life is too short to play things safe. If you no longer feel (in) love (for/with) the person you are with now, then by all means, go for the one who gives you butterflies. Material security is something come by much more easily than love. Even if this new relationship fails, you will never have to ask yourself whether you let slip away the one chance you had at true love/passion. Of course, the difficult part is, are you truly out of love with the one you share your life with now?
Don't be afraid of hurting; it sounds to me you are already now, both yourself and your partner.

Nic, did you see a doctor? You might have hurt something you're not aware of...

Mama Bear said...

So, you're a clutzo like me, eh? Welcome to my world. *snicker*

BD wants to know when he should expect his cream-colored cable knit sweater? OK, that's my request for him...if he was requesting, I'm sure it would be some kind of warmer.
*insert dirty thought here*

Poor friend. Life is full of choices - damn choices! If she's that unhappy and unfulfilled in her current relationship, chances are her man is too and mulling over the same thoughts that she is right now. I think choosing comfort and security over personal happiness is a huge risk for people, especially when they don't have children. People always say that they need to be financially prepared before they have kids. WRONG! They need to be happy with who they are and who they're with first and foremost. I agree with Bel, if there are no children involved, fly, fly away if there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

While I'm a big believer in second chances, the fact of the matter is that BOTH parties need to be willing to put in the effort. If there's a will, there's a way. If there's no will, there's no way. I wish your friend all the best with whatever she decides.

Cole Goodwin said...

Thanks for the concern Bel. I am ok. Just a little sore.

And MB, I don't do sweaters...too hard. I am not that good! LOL. He is more likely to get the warmer!

AJ said...

Dude! Your friend and I are sooo in the same boat. Well, minus the "someone new" aspect. BF and I constantly get on each other's nerves and are just waiting for the lease to be up at this point. *sigh* 9 months and counting. How sad are we? Anyhow, as someone who's currently in a "blah" relationship, I'm gonna totally have to agree with Bel and MB. You've gotta do what makes you happy. That may mean being on your own for awhile (which is totally my plan). You don't wanna wake up in 4 years and feel like you missed out on something great. :)

and Nic, I wish I was able to find a new hobby aside from falling on my ass as well. I am one clumsy bitch. So don't feel bad. Hahahaha.