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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! Someone wrote me poems!!!

Ode to Nic & Went!

There was a young girl from Gilroy,

Who had a big crush on a boy.

His name is Wentworth Miller,

And she really wants him to drill her;

Oh if only there was a Wentworth sex toy!

and if that weren't enough...

Nicbeast Obsession!

She's so crazy for Wentworth Miller,
She's stalked him here and there.
She'd willingly let him do anything to her,
With extreme eagerness and flair.

Went Miller is Nicbeast's obsession,
He is on her laminated list.
Nic wants him with a passion,
Prison Break she cannot resist.

Wentworth is Nic's obsessive fantasy,
An episode she will not miss.
Nic dotes on Wentworth all can see,
Wanting Went for a passionate kiss.

Nicbeast and the girls of Wet for Went,
They seek Went's body to enslave.
Their perfect vision of a Hollywood Gent,
Nic will take her obsession to her grave.


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Jamie said...

Twas my pleasure, hope you had a great day.