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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What to do, what to do...

Remember a while ago when I ran away. Needed a few days to collect myself. Someone called it my "Walkabout". I'm feeling the need to flee again. I now recognize it as anxiety. An attack I suppose. So...Should I stay or should I go? I really don't know. *Sigh*


Sci said...


damn it.

Anonymous said...

I understand the urge to just up and leave. It won't solve anything though, just hunt you at your new place until you can't stand it anymore and you up and leave again.
So stay and talk to the people who love you.

Gwen said...

stay - find the people you can talk to without judgment and let them help you unload some of your anxiety

LadyN said...


Stay hun, stay. Confront the shit that's making you want to flee!

Plus, it'll probably be there waiting when you come back.

Van said...

Hey Nic!
I decided to come take a peek at your blog.
I say: stay!
Get your self around people who love you and can hear you.
No matter the problem that is bothering you now, it will go after you wherever you are, as the girls said.
Never leave things unsolved.
I hope you find peace... meanwhile we are here for you honey.