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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something in the air...

I went to bed way too late last night. I was up reading on a writing site I frequent. The story was sooooooooo goood! But I am a sap, and it was sweet. It was called "Bobby and Rachel". So today I am a little tired.

I stopped at the local drug store to fill a Rx on my way home. The tech at the window was flirting with me. I was a little surprised but figured after talking to elderly people all day and hearing about all their physical ailments, he was probably happy to have someone in the same age range as him. So, I flirted back. No eye batting, giggle, giggle flirting, but see I have a great sense of humour and personality flirting.. "That'll be 20 minutes." Great.

I go to the grocery store and get something for dinner. As I am throwing various items into my basket, single dad guy pointedly looks into my basket. No sir, you may not have dinner at my place. His son walked up talking about how many hot dogs they needed. Judging by the size of the pack...A LOT. I sashayed my booty to the checkout and went back to the drugstore.

After filling the order I walked out to get into my car, a van full of creepy men in camo baseball hats watched me like I was their next meal. I smiled and climbed into my car. I opened the sun roof, and window, cranked up my iPod to a completely unacceptable level, and put on my sunglasses. Looking back up at them, I give them a naughty half grin, and they looked at me disapprovingly, like I needed a lesson they wanted to give me. I thought that only happened in bad romance novels. I backed out of my space and two other men were ginning at me. I knew what they were thinking. I don't know if it was the rhinestone cross emblazoned across my chest, or the fact that I haven't combed my hair in days and it is looking wild, or the fact that I had on lip gloss. Maybe it was all those things, or maybe it was none of them. Maybe it was just spring in the air.

My girl is off hunting my boy. I am so happy for her, and sad for me. But she will call me if she finds him. Oh God. I could just freak out at the thought. In fact, I can't think about it. My heart couldn't take it. Because as we all know, the last time, he didn't show. Shall I show you what I am talking about? I think I shall!


Krissie said...

Just read at Church he'll be a no show again!!!!! Apparently he's in California still!

nicbeast said...

You can't buy tickets to the up-fronts. So, the information is suspect.

Well, he's a quiet guy. It doesn't surprise me. Maybe he doesn't have to do the promotion circuit anymore, you know like they had to season one.

I hope that is not the case for the girls' sake, but I am not surprise, having been disappointed my own self. *wails*


*crossing fingers for them...and toes*