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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bad Day

Today is a bad day. I feel like the woman in "Forget" except there is no happy ending for me. I just got to lie in bed and cry intermittently between heartbreak and the relief of brief episodes of sleep. But even then the dreams were tense and uncomfortable. I heard footsteps once and hoped they would join me. More disappointment. Even the cat didn't want to stay in the same room with me. I'm not good with this kind of emotional pain. I can take the physical kind, I have a high tolerance. But this, this is otherworldly.

I'll get through. I always do. A little worse for wear, tattered and scarred, but through. So, I'll keep with the mantras. Increments. Sometimes the increments are large, months, weeks. Today, it is moment by moment. Project yourself way on the other side of the finish line. (I guess it is not enough to just cross it.) Although, today, honestly, I would be happy to just get within sight.

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